BatPlayer v1_0  -  This is a skin for the Nullsoft Winamp player.  Including the BatList, BatEqualizer and BatBrowser.  Holy Winamp, Batman!


Hello Kitty v1.0  -  This is another Winamp skin.  I originally made this one for a girlfriend.  It's a lot of pink, but she liked it.


Greed Amp v1_0  -  This is yet another Winamp skin I created.  With this one, I tried dabbling in a little social commentary.  Heh.


Miss Saigon Poster  -  This is one of the very first designs I ever did using computer graphics, and I'm still pretty proud of it.  This is based on the poster for the broadway musical 'Miss Saigon'.  I did this freehand using Windows Paint.  It has been incomplete for many years, but I still have hopes of finishing it one day.


WBUL Logo  -  This is a logo I designed for the 10 year anniversary of my college radio station in 1998.  I used Crystal Graphics 3D IMPACT! Pro to create the 3-dimensional 'X' and letters, and then I used Paint Shop Pro to map the image of the bull onto the letters and then combine everything into one image.